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WE HAVE two of the nine attorneyS in the state OF FLORIDA certified for social security disability law

Orlando Social Security Attorneys: How We Can Help

Orlando Social Security Attorneys

Have you been denied your social security benefits? With our team of Orlando social security attorneys, we can help you obtain your benefits. Here’s how.

When is the best time to get a social security attorney?

The best time is after you’ve been denied your social security benefits. Once you’ve received the letter, you have 60 days to appeal the decision. This is where our Orlando social security attorneys come into play.
Orlando Social Security AttorneysOnce you’ve received your letter, call an Orlando social security attorney who is skilled at helping others obtain their benefits. They’ll talk to you about the process and walk you through the steps to ensure you timely file an appeal.

My claim is denied- now what?

If your claim has been denied, it’s no time to panic. We see this often and this is the sole role of our practice. With our staff, our skilled Orlando social security attorneys can help you obtain your benefits. Each social security disability claim and social security insurance claim is unique. Once you’ve been denied, typically it doesn’t take as long as the initial filing to hear back on an alternate decision. Typically, it takes about eight weeks to get a reconsideration letter. However, it can also take more or less time. If you’ve been denied, the decision could be because of multiple factors. One could be that there wasn’t enough medical evidence to support your case.

Will an attorney help me?

Yes. Our office of Orlando social security attorneys can help you with the process. We’ll make sure that all the information needed is filled out and that the correct forms are filled out thoroughly too.  We do this on a daily basis for our clients and this is one of the only things we focus on within our law firm. If you or someone you know has been denied social security disability, let our Orlando social security attorneys help you appeal the process and help you understand what to do next in the situation. Call us or click here to schedule an appointment.