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4 Ways Orlando SSDI Lawyers Can Help You

Orlando SSDI lawyers

Social Security Disability Insurance might be confusing when you’re first researching how to apply. Orlando SSDI lawyers can help you navigate the application process.

1) Explain Work Credits to Qualify For Disability Benefits

Social Security work credits help determine if you qualify for disability benefits. The credits are based on your total annual wages or your self-employment income based upon your career. You may earn up to four credits per year. Your lawyer may help you better understand how work credits will affect your ability to file for disability insurance.

2) Understand Requirements to File a Claim

Orlando SSDI lawyers can review if you may be eligible to file a claim. To qualify for disability benefits, the Social Security Administration states that you must have previously worked jobs that are covered by Social Security. You must also have a medical condition that meets the definition of disability, according to the Social Security Administration. This may include if you’re currently working, if your condition limits your ability to complete basic work, and more.

3) Complete Your SSDI Application In a Language Other Than English

An important item to note is that you cannot complete the online application in a language other than English. This is a minor limitation of the online application.

Orlando SSDI lawyers4)  Orlando SSDI Lawyers Can Help You Submit An Appeal

It’s recommended you organize your appeal as soon as possible since submitting an appeal is a long process. When your disability benefits are denied, you have 60 days to request a hearing outcome review. Your lawyer can help you save time with your appeal review.

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