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Social Security Disability Benefits Orlando: Have You Been Denied?

Social Security Disability Benefits Orlando

Do you need help claiming your Social Security Disability benefits Orlando? We can help. Here’s how.

If you had an incident, something went wrong, or you have some sort of medical ailment that prevents you from being able to work you may find yourself in a tough financial situation. What do you do next? How can you afford to live, to get food on the table for yourself and your family, or pay your bills? The answer is Social Security Disability benefits.

Here’s how Culbertson Law Group can help you with acquiring your entitled Social Security Disability benefits Orlando.

Social Security Disability Benefits  – How It Works

Social Security Disability Benefits Orlando

The first step in the claims process begins with you. You must contact your local social security office. You can do this by applying to the office in person, by phone or online. The fastest and most direct route is usually applying online:

Once you’ve applied the second step generally includes filling out more paperwork. This process can take anywhere from a month to three months to compile all the necessary items. Once you have filed the paperwork, you can check the status of a claim by opening a “My Social Security Account” on the government website here:

If a claim is denied, that’s where we can come in.

Culberson Law Group – No Claim is Too Small

Social Security Disability Benefits Orlando

The denial process can take some time. You can file a reconsideration,

 which can take up to one to two months.

At Culbertson Law Group, we offer legal aid for those who have been denied a claim for Social Security Disability benefits Orlando and Supplemental Security Income. Since 1966, have been fighting to help people like yourself to receive their entitled benefits. Whatever the case may be, we will sit down with you and try and sort the dynamics out.

We can help you with your Social Security Disability benefits Orlando claim. Please feel free to call us at 407-894-0888 or send us an email at We are here to help you with your claim.